JOHN LUCAS – Singer / Song Writer / Gospel Artist

John – born to Jamaican parents on August 10, 1979 – began performing at the age of 5 in a children’s musical performance group, where he honed his skills in drama, and singing. His father a pastor, and his mother a teacher of Spanish, lovingly nurtured his interest in the arts. John attended Northern Caribbean University where he majored in vocal performance, mass communication, and religious studies. During his time in Jamaica, he was blessed with many opportunities to perform in music, and had the privilege of gaining the national award for speech and drama. He came to Japan in July 2000 on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (J.E.T.) Program. Subsequently He went on to further his studies at the Tohoku University, gaining his Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies.

In 2004 John started his work in the field of Gospel Music Ministry in Sendai, through performing and directing with the Hallelujah Gospel Family. He presently serves as the main vocalists for the Sendai Gospel Festival (the largest in Japan), and also co-hosts the SGF support radio program, ‘Gospel Makes You Happy.’

John experienced the great disasters of 3.11 in Sendai Japan. In the process to recovery from this great tragedy many prayed and supported him. Through that experience John became convicted to share the message of HOPE, and to show his support for the restoration of the disaster areas by conducting charity concerts locally and overseas. Presently he continues this effort, and has touched so many lives with his powerful testimony.

He released a mini album ‘Keep Hope Alive’ in November of that year. Presently John continues to donate a portion of the proceeds from that project to the disaster charity fund. The media has stayed particularly keen in his work in charity and music since this time.

In April 2014, he preformed on the Nippon TV sponsored program ’NODOJIMAN THE! WORLD’ representing Jamaica, where he became known as ‘Gospel OJI’ (Gospel Prince). His rendition of the Japanese classic ’Tsubasa O Kudasai’ (Give Me Wings), shook Japan. He was awarded the SONG FOR JAPAN JUDGES SPECIAL AWARD. He released the song and his English version ‘Wings of Hope’ as a single in November of that year. He released the single along with a book describing his experience of the disaster, his work in charity, his family, what gospel means to him, and his love for Japan. In September of that year John accepted the offer to host a regular TV show on Nippon TV that focuses on English language education for mothers and young children ‘MAMAMO KOMO TV’ (TV for Mom and kids).

In February 2015 John made a guest performance on the J-Pop icon Monkey Magic’s 15th Anniversary CD album ‘Colour by Number’ featuring in the song ‘Walk With Me’. John and the JL Gospel Family also made a guest performance at their Nippon Budokan Live. In May he released his 15th Anniversary album ‘God Is Good!’. This album with 15 songs, represents his journey over the last 15 years. Along with the release John will go on tour from May to December of this year, including locations in Japan, America, Singapore, Honk Kong, and Jamaica.

John represented Japan at the SDA General Conference in San Antonio Texas in July.

August 2015, JL performed on the 24 HOUR TV PROGRAM Theme:  Saving the World with Love.「A Jamaican – Giving Back to Japan – The Song that connects the Disaster area and Japan.  」JL participated in this program 90 of his gospel members and friends from Miyagi.

His gospel ministry has expanded to over 8 locations / 6 choirs nation-wide and his gospel family has grown to over 200+ members. He has become the face of Gospel music in Japan, and with Tokyo and Sendai as his main ground, continues to perform and instruct nationally and overseas.

• December 2008 | First single, MY SONG FOR YOU
• January 2010 | First album, SURRENDER
• October 2011 | Mini album, KIBO: KEEP HOPE ALIVE
• November 2013 | Single CD&BK, WINGS OF HOPE
• May 2015 | Second album, GOD IS GOOD!